Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's visit the sugar shack!

I don't know about where you come from, but here in Quebec spring is all about the sugar shack.
It's a place where friends and family get together to eat a maple syrup inspired brunch.
From your great grandma to little 2 year old johnny, the "Caban a Sucre" has something sweet for everyone.

I wanted to share some sweet tooth highlights with you!

This was my little "brunch date" since Mike is back at school.
We even shared our bread with each other.

So we always start off with pea soup and bread...

Then move on to ham (with syrup), hot dogs (with syrup), eggs (with syrup), and so much more sweetness!

Before we end our meal with sugar pie or pudding au chaumar the servers bring out these crispy "pancakes".

Of course syrup is drizzled on top...what else would you expect?

The texture of these pancakes is hard to describe. 
They are crispy and soft at the same time.
Does that make sense?

Coffee and sugar are served throughout the brunch.

Milk and sugar are a MUST in my coffee cup!

Once the plates are cleared and our tummies are filled, you can either enjoy a stroll through the woods or ride in a horse drawn carriage.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone

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  1. The french teacher in me says * CabanE À sucre and **Pudding CHÔMEUR" (like "unemployed man pudding" weird name..) anyway, I don't like the sugar shack....too much sugar for my taste.


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