Saturday, May 26, 2012

99 cents

Good late-afternoon readers,
That past couple of days have been jam packed with wedding errands. I've been on the road, in so many shops, and my brain just needs  break! Luckily... I was able to hit a few thrift shops in between errands. It honestly helped me relax and bring back a little sanity.
No, I didn't find a lot of sad...but I did pick up this little guy for 99 cents!

If you haven't worked extensively with children lately...then you must be thinking "Oh look...its a mouse."
But, if you are a childcare professional, or just keep up with children's literature then you're screaming "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!!!!!"

That's right.
Be jealous.
I got the " If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" mouse for under a dollar!

I can't wait to collect ALL of the books!

And one more favorite that I'll mention...

There are more books in the series, and more to come out I'm sure. You can find out what they're all about if you click here.

For now...I'm just going to relax and hang out with my new little friend.

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